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Sorry for being Inactive but Some Victory Realm Highlights and other Info...
By Negative Edge
Posted on Monday, June 27th, 2022 at 03:05am

First off my apologies for being extremely busy these last couple of weeks but I promise to be more active on my own website with web related content and special gaming events along with my crafts, etc.

We had a Gaming Event the weekend prior to this one on the 18th and here are some highlights in the video below:

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This was our second official event and the turn out was amazing!

Other than our gaming events, I have some more custom Fan covers to showcase, New PC builds to show off, and I am building a online shop for interactive and Dynamic streaming layouts, orders for Custom PC fan covers, and an inquiry section for those interested in custom PC builds.

Sorry for being inactive but its a task when one person is doing the work of many, especially for a community and website he built from the ground up!

Thank you!
-TJ Dobbs

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Victory Realm was a success! Victory Realm 2 Coming in June!
By Negative Edge
Posted on Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022 at 04:22pm


Our first event was a huge success! The managers of Buffalo Wild Wings wants us back!

without further ado, Victory Realm 2, out second gaming event will take place on June 18th at Buffalo Wild Wings located by the Wolfchase Mall in Memphis Tn.

Pot Bonus totaling $500!

sponsored by Negative Edge and Memphis Esports!

Check out our Facebook group for more updates and details!

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